71RMN1EymxL._SL1500_The Plant Man is a fictional story of Mikkel, a Sami man from Kautokeino in Northern Norway who travels to The Central Africa Republic to search for undocumented plant species.As a Sami, Mikkel identifies with parts of Africa and some Africans. He would tell his African colleagues about the villages in Kautokeino. Mikkel strongly believed that he, as a Sami once shared the same plight as the black African people in South Africa or Zimbabwe for example.  However, his trip to The Central African Republic did not go quite as planned. Soon he found himself caught up in an emerging civil war. He was now in love with a much younger girl who was keeping a secret from him. He has discovered what could possibly be a world sensation. The plant is 10000 times more potent than Gotu Kola, Edeweiss and Argan all put together. Gotu Kola, Edeweiss and Argan were held up as having some of the best ingredients in cosmetic products for anti ageing.With the civil war and his love life in tatters, he faces some difficult choices.

With this fictional story, Francis brings aspects of Norwegian to Africa and aspects of African culture to Norway. Further, Francis gives an insight into the culture and codes that apply when a white man is on business mission in an African country.

Extracts-Chapter 5

Extract –Chapter 1

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