Kapittel 1

“African Central Airways to Paris is now ready for boarding. We will board First Class and Business Class passengers first. All other passengers please wait”.

“Kindly have your passport and boarding pass ready for inspection. We thank you for your patience and wish you a pleasant flight”.

Akkurat disse ordene har Mikkel ventet på å høre i nesten tre timer. Ja, i de tre siste timene har han ventet på flyplassen, for avgangen hans ikke er før kl. 23:00.

Han ble anbefalt å komme tidlig for innsjekking og passkontroll. Han hadde fulgt rådet, og ankom flyplassen kl. 19:00.

“Hold deg helt rolig!”, instruerte han seg selv. Continue reading “Plantmannen”

Analysis and Review of The Diplomat

The Diplomat is Francis Stevens George’s third work of fiction. His first work gave readers shades and perspectives on being black and black African in Oslo, Norway. His second work describes a Norwegian Plant scientist’s journey into the Central African Republic.

This time Francis Stevens George takes us back to Oslo, Norway. We are two years into the future, and the national security and future economy of Norway is at stake. The very first Ambassador from the African Union Federation is the central character in a story that sees Norway wanting to stake its economic future through big investment in Africa. Continue reading “Analysis and Review of The Diplomat”

Extract from The Diplomat: Chapter 9

Besides, it was Friday.

As on most Fridays, The Ambassador walked to the embassy, breathing the fresh clean air, while enjoying the quiet cleaned streets in the Frogner district.

His motto was “start early on Friday in Norway.”

By lunchtime, most of the offices are empty!

He picked up his mobile and dialled. The mobile on the other end rang twice.

“Oddvar,” he said. “Ambassador,” Oddvar answered.

“I was wondering whether you are available for lunch today. I know its short notice,” the Ambassador said.

“Yes, I was just thinking the same. You know it’s a lot going on and we need to meet,” Oddvar replied.

“Noon at Bristol,” the Ambassador asked.

“Sounds perfect, Ambassador. See you.”

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