China and Africa Love Affair

China and Africa Love Affair is a short historical account of the relationship between China and Africa. The love affair is a strong enthusiasm which has seen an interest and eagerness by the Chinese to engage in Africa. This work will show this. For Africans, in particular, the work will show the long ties that have existed between some of their countries and China. Understanding the history of Sino-African relationships is critical to what Africans can gain from this relationship. It is also critical to how Africans respond to the Chinese. Sino-African relations are evolving. Failure to understand the historical context in which this relationship has developed, will lead to misunderstanding and perhaps even conflict, which would be detrimental to both parties.


Review by Dr. Geofrey Mills

This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in what China is doing in Africa. And most people should take notice.  There is no doubt that Africa is the next frontier. The Chinese have already seen this and are securing their position on that continent. However, should we be critical of the Chinese? Without knowing the history between China and Africa, we cannot answer this question. This is in essence what Francis Stevens George has done in this book.

Francis Stevens George has written a short and simple historical narrative that is significant to the China Africa story. Francis points out, correctly so, that much of the debate today on China and Africa seems to ignore the history between the two. Indeed as he points out, the criticisms in particular have almost lost sight of the history underlying some aspects of their relations. For example, he points out that China’s non interference in African countries is a direct response to the history of colonialism and imperialism. The Chinese, like the Africans experienced imperialism and as such were very sensitive to the need for African countries to maintain their full sovereignty. For china, helping the African countries should not be a pretext to interfere in their internal affairs, as many Western countries did and still do. Continue reading “Review by Dr. Geofrey Mills”

A Review by Richard Chiu

The author, Frances Stevens George, uses a historical lens to take us to a journey of understanding the relationship between China and Africa, hence explaining the China’s motives and activities in Africa now. Economically, China is driven by economic growth and Africa has abundant natural resources to fuel China’s growth. Politically, the ideologies of China and many African countries are the same; self-determination and non-intervention of China and Africa against imperialism and colonialism of United States of America. China needs an ideologically identical ally. This is a win-win situation. Continue reading “A Review by Richard Chiu”