Camp NoE- Aud Bra

Aud Bra was a 51-year-old Norwegian nurse. She was a mother of twin boys, aged 21 years.

She was born in Sanderfjord, western part of Norway, where she still resides. Sanderfjord is known for its rich Viking history; where The Gokstad ship was excavated.

The ship is now one of the most important exhibits at the Viking Museum in Oslo.

The city is also famous for whaling. The whaling monument is today found in the centre of the city not far from a restaurant that serves whale meat.

Sanderfjord is not only famous for its rich Viking history and whaling. Between 1837 to 1939 Sanderfjord was a world-renowned health resort. Continue reading “Camp NoE- Aud Bra”

Camp NoE extract

Aud’s program for the morning, before the conference began, includes a breakfast meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Indonesia, India, South Africa and Turkey- The BIIST block.

After meeting The BIIST block, there was an interview scheduled with the Africa United Media Group.

The BIIST block were not only emerging economic giants. They were also a powerful political and military bloc.  Although Brazil is the only member of BIIST that has sent troops to add to the African Union Forces, the other members of BIIST have made it very clear they would also provide troops and equipment if necessary.

The Norwegian Hearings is now the final attempt to resolve the crisis peacefully. In the two years prior to the Norwegian Hearings, tensions have almost reached boiling point. Continue reading “Camp NoE extract”

The Sami People

The Sami people (also Sámi or Saami), traditionally known in English as Lapps or Laplanders, are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia, and the border area between south and middle Sweden and Norway. The Sami are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia recognized and protected under the international conventions of indigenous peoples, and are hence the northernmost indigenous people of Europe. Sami ancestral lands span an area of approximately 388,350 km2 (150,000 sq. mi.), which is approximately the size of Norway, in the Nordic countries. Their traditional languages are the Sami languages and are classified as a branch of the Uralic language family. Continue reading “The Sami People”