“Crisis could lead to International armed conflict”.

“Africa War imminent”.

“Super powers brace for war over West African super people”.

“The world holds its breath”.

Such headlines in all the major International newspapers, on the eve of The Norwegian Hearing, left no one in doubt of the seriousness of the crisis.

The main Norwegian broadsheet headlined –

“Norway to save the world from war.”

A rather humble headlined by another broadsheet read-

“Norway broker talks on super people”.

Amazingly, it was not some top politician or special diplomat, envoy that are the key people or leaders in this international crisis.

Behind these headlines, the unlikely “heroes” are two women.

Two women who were born at opposite ends of the global economic divide; two women whose lives could not have been more different.

One of the women has travel outside her country of birth; the other one has never been outside her country of birth; she has never even been on an airplane.

Yet, these two women were drawn together by their shared disgust for greed and exploitation of vulnerable peoples.

For these two women Camp NoE embodied a human tragedy; for these two women, it was an unashamedly example of human exploitation of the most grotesque kind. It was this grotesque human exploitation that has now become a major international conflict. A conflict that could escalate into war.

Aud shook her head as she sat by the window in her hotel room drinking her coffee. She was about to join the rest of her delegation downstairs for breakfast.

The hotel – the venue for the Norwegian Hearing -was situated on a hill overlooking Oslo, the Norwegian capital.

She looked out of her window.

It was a very cold morning in Oslo. The trees outside her window were covered white with snow.   As she starred at the snow-covered trees, with her coffee, she could not believe that after 2 years, the US, The African Union and China were now on the verge of armed conflict over Camp NoE.

She was not the only one to wonder why would two super powers -The US and China -be willing to go to war over a camp holding less than 300 people, located in a tiny forest region in West Africa?

As the Norwegian hearing were about to start, The African Union backed by China and 80 other countries have given the US 30 days to leave Camp NoE. If the US fails to do so, all means, including military will be used to remove them from Camp NoE.

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