BookCoverImage15 years ago, I wrote a manuscript for my first novel- Black white and coconut. At that time, I became friends with an African man who was a freelance musician. On some weekdays and all weekends, I would accompany him to different gigs and venues. It was there I began to see the difference between the black people in Norway, in particular their views on each other.

The previous 9 years of living in Oslo, I was not familiar with that crowd. I lived in west side of the city; many of the Africans live on the east side. Also most of my friends were native Norwegians.

As I got to know about other Africans, I got a surprising experience of their attitudes towards each other. I experience Africans from one country holding negative views about Africans from another country. I experience Africans who have lived in Norway longer held views that were surprising to me.

This is why I started the novel which took about 8 months to complete in 1999. However, I held on to publication until 2014.