With nuances, humor and existential slant Francis Stevens George tells a story about two black, fictional characters, one British and one African, and their efforts to integrate into Norway. The story was first written in 1999.

The book provides a credible picture of the prejudice that the various minority groups have towards each other, not to mention towards the host country. Racism is described by the author in a realistic and direct manner, sometimes too direct and vivid. The author goes deep into the dark sides of some of the characters.

The descriptions of the hurt feelings about not being good enough, not successful,  regrets, lost,just running around, are universal and easily recognizable. The author describes the general feelings of not belonging, loneliness and longing love without sentimentality and romanticism. At the same time the author shows how complex and difficult real integration is.

Only a person with life experience and well-developed emphatic abilities, in addition to being a global citizen can give so vivid descriptions of being black, white, or white inside and black outside.